Solid Ground

...And another one bites the dust.

A vampire begs aid. Cole is decapitated. Vampire siege is lifted.

Notes in Brief:

  • Lucy asks for aid to stop Cole, her master an Original vampire. She gets in and enlists aid from our heroes after a quick confrontation with Keesha Jones and Teddy Crosswind
  • After determining the predilections of Cole, the group meets him and uses Aspen Seeley as bait. The following is a more detailed description of what happened:

“Once the Keesha used ”/characters/flappytownpizza" class=“wiki-content-link”>Flappy Town to clear the bar, the heroes challenged Cole to combat. Keesha got a jump on Cole and caught him by the throat, causing some significant distress to the vampire. Dexter “The Great” Drake III began the chant and incantation to call upon the Breath of Igneel. Cole attempted to escape but cannot pull free of Keesha’s grip. With a few blows and a shoulder throw, into the liquor cabinets. At that point, Daxter unleashed a torrent of dragonfire, immolating the Original and igniting the bar. Using a fireman’s axe, Keesha decapitated Cole, ending the Original threat. His head is held in the basement of Drake’s house."

  • Lucy’s soul is restored!


zackrois Jsweeden

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