Solid Ground

And They Ride Again

1: A Triumphant Return

5 years from the last events our heroes engaged in, they make a return to the city. 5 years prior, the teens had been banished from the city, along with 96 others, many of whom had magical powers (or non-magical gifts like Keesha Jones ). While the reasoning was never made clear, it was made clear that they needed to return in 5 years.

None of them remember clearly the circumstances of their departure, though Drake remembers one thing; Coach Marshall died to get them out (though he hasn’t shared that yet. When they arrived they were met by Keesha’s Uncle Ty-Real who broke the barrier and got them into the city.

Keesha had long since become a marine biologist and started her own company and arrived in her sweet 1939 Mercedes Schmidt. Aspen Seeley had been travelling the world and picked up some british baggage, James St. John. Drake opened a gate from another dimension and stepped in, claiming to have spent an extra 5 years learning his craft in timeless dimensions.

They were led to a place where they met up with two more talented individuals: the Vampire Andrea and the Werewolf Valentine. They also met Gerrard Hightower, who informed them of what had occurred in their absence.

They had been sent away due to the threat Gilgamesh posed, in hopes that the council could have dealt with him by now. However, they had failed and had lost track of the mad god. He had possessed Israphel and absorbed Innovah and gone into hiding. This team had been called back to deal with the problem, because the council could not.

Drake dropped the bombshell he had discovered in his journeys; when acting as a group, the High Council of Magi have all the powers of a wizard, and so his “unique” talents were quite unnecessary. Regardless, Gerard set them on the hunt starting with their first contact, an old friend by the name of Kimberly Larson.

Turns out, Kim was not pining for the date that she had missed from Drake 5 years earlier as she had discovered herself to be a lesbian. She had been entrusted with setting up a ritual for Drake and Aspen that Drake promptly fried upon touching Kim’s phone. Fortunately she had printed a copy. She told the gang that her clan had been turned into Vargulfs, a kind of mad werewolfs and she was alone. The gang promised to help her solve the problem.

Aspen and Drake managed to decipher the ritual (with a little help from drake’s High Arcana Comprehend Languages) and determine the ritual was to summon Gilgamesh in his human form. It was at this point that Drake decided he no longer trusted the High Council. He decided he needed to get a scoop on what had happened for those 5 years from someone that did not serve the Council. So he used his Dragon’s Gate spell and teleported directly into the office of Chris Lockwood (?), owner and president of C3.

Chris was not surprised, but definitely irked by the intrusion. He treated them cordially and provided them with info of events in their absence. Mr. Jergensen had been removed from his seat on the council as another member had died. This left the council being replaced by a mage named “Art” and Paul Sykes, Mayor of the City. Drake traded a too be determined favor with Chris in exchange for telling him about the the wizard powers of the assembled council.

They still needed more information, but fortunately for them Andrea’s math professor was none other than Mr Jergensen. So they set up to meet up with their old mentor and seek some more information before casting the dangerous ritual to bring back Gilgamesh in human form.


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