Solid Ground

Bad Moon Rising

A new moon rises. A circle is formed. An Angel dies.

After successfully causing Kimberly Larson to transform into a werewolf, without the obligatory murder that most werewolves have to commit to transform, the Kim, Rose Larson and the gang were staying at drake’s house.

About an hour into the night, Teddy called Daxter “The Great” Drake IIIand told him that something was wrong, that the full moon (which wasn’t supposed to come for another week) was here now and many wolves were beginning to transform. He rushed over to help Kim with the transformation and he himself had begun to transform, as evidenced by the silver in his hair. This was the source of no small amount of ribbing from Keesha Jones.

Shortly, Teddy had Kim and Keesha downstairs in a room with silver cage in Drake’s basement. He demanded wolfsbane, water, and a knife so that he could manage the transformation. When Keesha returned with these, Teddy downed the wolfsbane (a poison to werewolves) and began to cut deep into his arm with the knife. While the wounds healed instantly, it did slow down his transformation, allowing Teddy to maintain some level of control.

Meanwhile Drake and Aspen Seeley attempted to discern the nature of this new full moon phenomenon. After several dead ends and a failed attempt by drake to use astrometrics to determine where the moon came from, Aspen went into the untouched grove in the back of Drake’s house with milk, honey and a bit of her own blood. She summoned a fae folk, a tree spirit by the name of Chonce, who referred to her as “The Bright One”. Chonce informed the group that the moon came from Mesphia, a desolate plane, devoid of most life with simple terrain and almost no celestial landscape, so much so that the moon was bare.

In the basement, Kim was fine, much to Teddy concerternation and Keesha’s disapproval. Keesha brought Kim upstairs at which point she discovered from Drake and Aspen that it was not a real moon, but rather a moon from another plane. With, this knowledge, she went and told Teddy that the moon problem was taken care of, promptly ending Teddy’s transformation.

With the knowledge that the moon was indeed a foreign celestial body transplanted into our sky, Drake began to start work on a ritual to send it back where it belonged. However, no ritual he found could be accurately performed by one mage, requiring a circle of 12 mages. When asking Teddy about it, the Warden told him that all of his contacts to the other mages in the city would be wolves right now. So with no other recourse, Drake began to construct the largest circle he could manage to gather enough power to send the moon back.

He had Keesha pick up Ken, had Aspen call Henry Williamson, had Kim get her mother so he could access the power of the Angel possessing her, Erathel. With Aspen and Chonce that gave him 6, which was one shy of the minimum he needed for a ritual that wouldn’t involve human sacrifice. In a sudden flash of insight, Drake called a newly outed mage he had met at school the other day: Mr. Jergensen.

Now with a circle of 7, Drake had a choice between two rituals: one that required great personal sacrifice and another that required a werewolf’s fang. Drake discussed the options with Keisha before remembering that Teddy had been a werewolf for awhile. Reaching out on a limb he asked if Teddy had ever been in an honor duel, the winner of which would receive one of the loser’s fangs. Upon Teddy’s confirmation, Drake sent Teddy and Keesha to fetch his fang.

In the meanwhile Erathel warned Drake and Aspen of his brother and former comrade in arms, Nephalim, who still served his dark master Israphel. Erathel had sensed Nephalim’s presence earlier and was afraid that the dark angel was still at work.

As the other magical powers arrived, Drake drew a 7 pointed star inscribed with the proper celestial and transdimensional runes. Placing each power at a point, a bowl made of moon-teak in the center with a moonstone in the bowl. Teddy, Kim, and Keesha stood at various points in the Atrium where the spell was taking place, watching out for Nephalim’s presence, Keesha perched on top of the green house.

They began the chant. Drake drove the rod into the edge of the circle, empowering it with the magic of the dragon. He tore his wrist with the tooth and bled into the bowl and then passed it to Aspen, keeping the chant going. In time each of the seven bled into the bowl while speaking the ancient chant: Drake, Aspen, Henry, Ken, Erathel (or Rose), Chonce, and Mr. Jergensen. Finally, with a crescendo of power, Drake channelled the energy into the ether to release the moon to its home plane.

Instead with a howling wind and a distant thunder, the moon cracked and split and broke apart before vanishing into dust. It was then that Drake realized that the design of the Wolf’s Fang ritual was to destroy the offending celestial body, not to banish it. Tired but successful in keeping the new celestial body from wreaking havoc on the environment and wolfkind the tired team went into drake’s kitchen seeking a spot of tea.

Inside Drake’s mother Margaret Drake stood in the middle of the kitchen, blood draining from cuts on her arm and a bloody knife in her hand and her eyes red. She collapsed upon seeing Drake, sending the young wizard into a fit. While he scrambled to find a way to help her, Keesha pulled him back, telling him that any number of the people here could help her. But only him, Drake, had the intellect to determine who did it and why.

Reviewing the information, Drake was forced to draw only one conclusion: his mother was possessed by some entity and that entity wanted the gang (especially Drake) suffer. So it was that Drake was able to name the beast possessing his mother as none other than Nephalim the Dark Angel. However, being an angel, it would prove to be difficult to extract the creature, unlike a demon. Fortunately for the gang, Drake and Aspen had just assembled 5 other powerful mages to assist with the ritual. With renewed vigor and purpose, they began the extraction procedure.

Erathel began to pull on the sympathies of his brother, while Drake and Henry aggravated the angel’s emotional state to make it easier to grab. Mr. Jergensen provided protective wards while Chonce prayed form Mrs. Drake’s strength. Aspen’s job was most crucial as instructed by Drake it was her responsibility to try and harness her hidden power to force the angel out of the body.

All this magical power aside however, it was Keesha (The Abrasive One) who did the most. Her no-nonsense, street ready, in-your-face attitude began to cause the angel to lose composure, giving Drake and Henry something to latch onto. Again and again, insult after insult, Keesha forced the angel more and more off balance, attacking everything from his piety to his pride. Drake felt confident enough to stop trying to loosen the angel’s composure and instead began an incantation of something hopefully strong enough to kill an angel.

However, try as she might, as stoned as she might get, Aspen couldn’t raise her magic power to force the angel out. In desperation she called on an ancient ritual pulled form her subconscious; a ritual requiring sacrifice. It was Chonce who offered himself as sacrifice to the cause, claiming that he was not truly sentient, merely a collection of thought processes of various lesser fey creatures. He gave Aspen the knife and with a heavy heart, she cut his throat.

Power surged through the room and the angel was torn from the woman’s body, a nebulous cloud of light and energy in vaguely the shape of a man with multiple wings. With a shout to finish the incantation, Drake released a torrent of power, drawing on all of his own might and the might of the rod and the essence stored within. A beam of silvery white force came torrenting out of the tip of the rod piercing the angel in its vague head area. There was brief disembodied scream and a thunderous impact of force, ash, and dust against the cabinets on the wall, a pair of wings burned into the wood, and Nephalim was no more.

The paramedics had been called by Henry and arrived shortly, Keesha claiming (“Can white people have anemia?”) that she had passed out. This was believed by the fact that Drake had healed her wounds with a mother’s breath tincture, which speeds up the healing process a thousand fold. They loaded her up and in the wee hours of the morning, our exhausted gang left to follow the ambulance containing Drake and his mother to the hospital.


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