Solid Ground

Rising of a Dark God

The contract burns. Another angel falls. The vampires arrive.

Drake uses a crystal, string, and map as well as the compass he developed to find sources of Israphel‘s power he located the scroll that contained the contract for Israphel’s dark power. It was located in the center of the C3 building downtown. And when the holder of the scroll realized Drake was watching he shattered the crystal, leaving Drake blind and helpless.

Drake then received a call from the CEO of the C3 industries stating he was willing to exchange the scroll and asked Drake where to meet. Drake said to meet at C3 Academy and arrived there with his entourage. After his arrival, Drake exchanged the scroll for a promise not to spy on the CEO. Drake agreed and burned the scroll.

Shortly thereafter, a homeless man appeared and spoke in the voice of Israphel’s angel Eranis. Keesha Jones acting quickly, leapt from her perch and pinned Eranis’ host to the ground. And just like that it was over. They informed the angel that his elder angel Erathel had become Ethan Knight and the angel was giving the motivation to chase the same fate.

Eranis began the process of falling, but at he last second Israphel erased his angel from existence. Acting quickly while gathering some Angel Dust, Drake used a twinning spell to separate the Angel from the man before the angel’s echo was completely erased from the ether. The job was partially successful, animating the former angel as a short red-headed human that lacked an angelic weapon; a side effect of the last minute spell.

The angel, now named Aaron Knight gave them important information and joined with his brother in the new world. Meanwhile Drake went back to Aspen Seeley’s shop to pick up some ingredients to fulfill his end plan; to bind the vestige of Gilgamesh to a contract scroll of High Divimancy.

Drake stayed up all


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