Dexter "The Great" Drake III

Older and more grizzled, Drake has been practicing magic for awhile, including the extra 5 years in dimension pockets, making him 26.


Daxter Drake III

Strength 0 Agility 1 Stamina 3 Dexterity 2
Fighting 2 Intellect 8 Awareness 6 Presence 3
Dodge 6 or 16 Parry +4 or 14 Tough +7
Fortitude +5 or 15 Will +10 or 20
Total: 67
Expertise: Magic 10, Investigation 8, Perception 6, Insight 5, Persuasion 4, Ranged Combat (spell) 6, Ranged Combat (gun) 4, Close Combat (staff) 3
Total: 23
Artificer, Benefit: Wealthy (2), Benefit: Wizard, Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery (Expertise Magic), Ritualist, Fearless, Trance,
Total: 9
Wizard! Feature: being a wizard 1
Wizard Sight (Sense, acute 4 pts; allows to sense and identify magic)
Caster: Damage +6 (Ranged +1 per rank, Removable -2 per rank) 4pts
Drake’s Staff melee damage 3 (feature: Wizard’s Staff) 4pts
High Arcana: Variable Power (move switch) 3 ranks 24 pts (
14 alternate effects)
Drake’s Lance Damage + 9 (ranged +1, Penetrating 6)
Dragon Scales Protection +10 (Impervious +1, Sustained +0, )
Soul Phalanx Protection +10 (Area Shapeable +1)
Serenity +12 Dodge, +12 Parry (Quirk: makes drake emotionally distant, requiring a will
roll to react to odd circumstances)
Soul of the Guardian
Phantom Blade
Call the Hunt
Perception Blending
Tree Strider
Mother’s Kiss
Breath of Igneel Damage + 11 (Area Cone +1, Secondary Effect +1, Tiring -1,
Quirk -1 flat: Drake cannot display great passion until Igneel is satisfied)
Balefire Affliction DC 22 vs Will hindered / defenseless / transformed (ranged +1 per rank)
Dragon’s Gate Teleport 4 (Accurate +1, Gate +2, Dimensional flat 3 rank; Increased mass
rank 1)
Total: 50

Complications: Wizard!: Loses power if cannot speak and gesture
Wizard!: Must act as a wizard due to his status as a wizard
Wizard!: Complex (circuit based) technology does NOT function for him Wizard!: Being a wizards makes strange things happen to him


Daxter grew up in The City. His mother did most of his rearing, as for most of his later childhood his father was out of the picture. Not because Daxter Drake Jr was a deadbeat, but rather because he was a hero.

Daxter grew up in his family’s manor (he comes from old money) and is to his knowledge the only living wizard. He had to come by that knowledge himself, as he was never sent to magic academies or given tutors or instruction in the matter. Perhaps the powers that be hoped that drake would never develop the magical talent. If so, they were sorely disappointed. However, to understand that you have to understand Drake’s past.

Daxter Drake Jr was a great wizard. He settled magical disputes, solved arcane problems and helped to keep the world save. Unfortunately, he was not the only wizard in his generation. His brother Balthazar was also a wizard. However, where Daxter embraced the powers and responsibilities of wizardry, Balthazar wanted nothing but power. Eventually this attitude led to sanctions by the High Council of Magi and eventually, they tried to Still him, a process by which a mage is cut off from his power. However, the High Council learned quickly that while you can Still a mage, Stilling a wizard is quite impossible. This led Balthazar to enact his plan as quickly as possible.

After a preemptive strike against the council with the rest of the Order of Ahriman Balthazar headed to an anchor point and took the power of the point into himself, catapulting himself into the highest echelons of magical power; and completely wrecking his sanity. It was in this state of mind that he enacted his plan: He was going to start a ritual that would destroy or transform all sentient creatures, with only a 25% success rate.

Daxter decided that despite what the council said, only a wizard could stop Balthazar; so it was brother against brother. Meanwhile, the Council was planning on using the Etherio Array to destroy the order, not knowing it would only hasten the ritual. Daxter confronted Balthazar and though no one knows what happened in that battle, the Etherion Array, the Anchor and the two wizards were gone, leaving only young Daxter Drake III behind with the knowledge accumulated by centuries of Drakes.

Dexter "The Great" Drake III

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