Keesha Jones

A fighter, athlete, and driver from the streets of The City who won't back down from the supernatural.


Age: 24
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150 lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Black/Thai


Five years ago, Keesha Tassanee Jones was well on her way to failing out of an inner-city high school she ditched regularly to parkour around the city, fistfight thugs, and deliver pizzas for Flappy Town. Then, miraculously, she got transferred to C3 Academy where she met Dexter “The Great” Drake III and Aspen Seeley, who introduced her to the existence of both magic and of friends worth fighting for. She fistfought vampires, out-drove the elven police force, and confronted dark gods.

Everything changed when some magical powers-that-be banished her from The City she called home and separated her from her friends. Her Uncle Ty-Real got her out somehow and told her that they’d be able to get her back in the game after five years. She took a private flight to Australia, looking to start a kung-fu training montage so she’d be ready for whatever threatened her friends again.

Five years later, Keesha returned to The City with no ability to throw fireballs or execute the Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique. She had, however, become the owner of Crusade Transportation; “We Get Shit Where It Need To Go”. While not as flashy as psycho kung fu, it did come with some useful benefits, including the use of a wizard-friendly limo-tank.


Keesha Songs

Keesha’s Journal:

Guess Who’s Back
Head Games
Setting Up Shop
The Fuck?
Bye Jerry
Cleaning Up
Well Fuck
Sons of Bitches
Dropping In
Coming Home
Welcome to the Council
Everybody’s Home
Getting the Call
Art’s a Bitch

Keesha Jones

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