Drake's Cane

The cane that Dexter and his father and grandfather and many other mages have carried, and a powerful focus for magic energies.


(OAF, unbreakable: can be broken by a true dragonslayer)


The cane that Dexter carries around is not just for style or a walking aid. It is in reality an incredibly powerfully magical focus. The secret to the canes magic lies beneath the mahogany exterior and jeweled handle that adorns it. The core of the cane is crafted from the bones of one of the few dragons to breach this world back in the dark ages.

At that time, the dragon was slain by a group of heroes including Arkelos Drake. Arkelos recognized the power of the dragon when he slew it and, knowing it for what it was, fashioned its sturnem bone into a staff. Over the centuries as the staff was broken and reforged, the staff was made smaller and smaller until eventually, in the late 1800s the staff was reforged into a cane.

The gem on top serves to increase the power of the focus’ conduit to the magical realm. This gem has been switch out many times over the years, always increasing the power of the conduit or increasing a particular type of spell’s potency. However in the magi civil war that happened 10 years ago, the gem that was topping the cane when it was in possession of Dexter Drake Jr, the eye of the gorgon was lost. Since the gem has been replaced by a simple sapphire embedded in silver, reducing the cane’s power.

The cane is an item in four parts. The first is the dragonbone in the center, what makes it a magic focus. Second is the wooden veneer, currently mahagony, a mundane wood with no effect on his magic. The third is the pommel stone, in this case a mundane sapphire mounted in silver. The forth is the cap at the end where it touches the earth. This is pure iron at the start, making it somewhat effective against spirits and little else.

The magical nature of the dragonbne makes the focus unbreakable. However, as with all unbreakable artifacts, there is one condition in which it may be destroyed: If it is held in the hand of a vengeful dragon slayer, the staff will break. Back in the day, this was rare. Now it is rarer still as dragons do not frequent this world nearly as much in the modern day, so someone who has slain a dragon is a very rare find indeed.

Drake's Cane

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