Grimoire de Drake

A book containing immense magical knowledge and power passed down through the generations of Drakes before arriving at Dexter Drake III


OAF, bulky -1 1/4


The Grimoire de Drake is an ancient tome of power and knowledge, whose origins date back to the early dark ages when it was fist bound together by the Drake family’s oldest known descendent; Arkelos Drake. Arkelos claimed to come from a long line of wizards as well and by the end of his life bound collections of his spells and knowledge into a book; the Grimoire de Drake.

Over the centuries, more and more pages have been added from some of the most legendary Wizards, Mages, Sorcerers, Warlocks and Witches as well as pages copied or taken directly from the some of the most dangerous spellbooks and scrolls in history. The spells contained in the book have bled through over the years and have given the book a kind of psuedo-sentience, making pages appear and disappear at its inscrutible whim. This has led to the book being quite large in size, making it about the size of a couch cushion and significantly heavier. Oddly enough, the book resizes so that whoever holds it, it remains the same difficult and unwieldy object.

The book contains some spells so powerful that the Content Not Found: High-Council-of-Magi always has someone watching the book and the Drake family. They would simply seize the book, but its psuedo-sentience and various rites and traditions protect it from use by the council.

Some of the spells are indeed strong enough to rewrite the world or invoke cataclysm inducing magics or even summon creatures to our side from the other that could end this world. Needless to say it is a very valuable and much sought after artifact that must be protected.

Grimoire de Drake

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