Keesha Songs

And They Ride Again

Silver Moonlight – Within Temptation
Screaming at the walls of fire
They’re closing in on me
I hunger for the vertigo, the silver moonlight
It’s where I wanna be
Screaming at the walls of fire
But I’m still running free
In the silver moonlight I can breathe

This one has a great feel for the theme of the game, I think. It’s about running, fighting, breaking through any barrier just to keep moving and stay free.

My Own Worst Enemy – Idina Menzel
My mother’s always trying to tell me
How to be grateful how to believe
My father’s always trying to say
Baby you’re beautiful in every way
My lover’s always got me in his arms
Trying to protect me keep me from harm
So why do I always have to be
My worst
My own worst enemy

Keesha has a lot of support in her life, a lot of people trying to back her up and help her out, but she’s got this habit of pushing forward on her own anyway, never being satisfied with what she’s done so far.

Rise – Skillet
Sound it off, this is our call
Rise and Revolution
It’s our time to change it all
Rise and Revolution
Unite, and Fight
To make a better life
Everybody, one for all
Sound off, this is the call
Tonight, we Rise

Again, a Keesha-and-the-whole-group song. There’s a certain revolutionary vibe about a bunch of outsiders to the magical community at large having the audacity to confront the powers-that-be and rise higher than anyone thinks they could or should.

Razorblade – Amaranthe
Going up to the top
Never stop
Never give it up never fall never drop
You gotta give it up to the beat of your heart
And if you don’t we take it from the start

A great never stop, never quit, never let anything keep you down song.

Hate It When You See Me Cry – Halestorm
I’m your rock n’ roll Joan of Arc
The queen of broken hearts
I’m here to save the world
But who will save Supergirl?
What if I’m weak and I need you tonight?
I hate it… I hate it when you see me cry

It hasn’t happened yet, but this one’s for Keesha when she finally loses a fight on some level, or all this darkness starts to get to her. In the end, unlike most of her friends, she’s only human.

Hurricane 2.0 – 30 Seconds to Mars
You say you wrong, you wrong, I’m right, I’m right, you’re wrong, we fight
Ok, I’m running from the light, running from the day to night
Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery
The riot inside keeps trying to visit me
No matter how we try, it’s too much history
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony
So let it breathe, let it fly, let it go
Let it fall, let it crash, burn slow
And then you call upon God

There’s this persistent feeling of impending doom, disaster beyond imagining, and the ever-present questions of what’s acceptable in the fight against it.

The Original List

All I Want – The Offspring
This is the most basic statement of Keesha’s love affair with parkour: it’s all about throwing off the rules and the weight if the world and just running to be free.

My Vietnam – Pink
The city is Keesha’s Vietnam, a warzone she refuses to leave behind, every day a battle just to stay herself.

One Foot Wrong – Pink
There’s two meanings here for Keesha; first the fact that living on the wrong side of town puts her one step away from listing out all, and second in a very literal sense her hobby puts her one foot wrong from falling so hard she might not get back up.

Tin Pan Alley – Stevie Ray Vaughan
Keesha’s apartment is right across the street from Tin Pan Alley, the roughest street in town!

Tightrope – Stevie Ray Vaughan
Yup, girl who plays on buildings and a song called Tightrope. Need I say more? Of course the metaphor works too: living in the city, breaking some laws for kicks and sticking stubbornly to others (she could make a LOT as a catburglar), is walking a fine line…

Say What You Say – Eminem
I know it sounds WAY too badass, but this one is Keesha (Em) and Flappy Town (Dre). The one thing they share absolutely; they say what they say without holding back and play their game their way no matter what.

Soldier – Eminem
Her father was a soldier and her life is an urban war where she can’t afford to doubt or back down, however heavy that burden might get.

Headed Home – Eric Bibb
Home is where the heart is, and for Keesha that’s the same city that brings her down; just gotta keep remembering what keeps her up.

Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N Roses
It’s the concrete jungle, baby. Need I say more?

Stuff Is Messed Up – The Offspring
She’s astonishingly abrasive but not really mean or negative…she just can’t keep writer just to not tell you that shit is fucked up!

Till I Collapse – Eminem
For Keesha the music in this song is parkour, her realm where she is the best and until the day she takes her last fall you can just try and catch her if you can.

Dirt And Roses – Rise Against
Another song about parkour saving her soul against the city. Also why she doesn’t just go into professional athletics: for her, selling her talents would be selling out.

No Love – Eminem
By 19 the city’s taken most of Keesha’s family and friends already, but standing on top of a building staring down at the crowds below she refuses to be bowed or broken even if she’s getting no love from the people down there.

Easier To Run – Linkin Park
The other side of parkour for Keesha:, when she’s up there running, she doesn’t have to think about or deal with anything else.

Tightrope – Papa Roach
That’s right, ANOTHER Tightrope song! But it’s also a really good “walking the fine line in the city” song.

18 Wheeler – Pink
She’s been down many times (literally at times, nobody practices parkour without breaking some bones!) and yet she keeps getting up no matter how hard or dumb it might be.

Hands Held High – Linkin Park
It’s all about keeping yourself up and speaking the truth in the face of a world that just don’t wanna hear it, truth or not.

You’re Never Over – Eminem
All the people she’s already lost who loved her abrasive and crazy self, keeping her doing the stupid shit she’s always done even when they’re gone.

Keesha Songs

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