• Aaron Knight

    Aaron Knight

    Originally known as Eranis, he is the angelic brother of Erathel (Aka Ethan Knight) having fallen to angel form and saved by Drake form oblivion.
  • Art Hightower

    Art Hightower

    A member of the circle of magi.
  • Balthazar Drake

    Balthazar Drake

    The wicked uncle of Dexter Drake III, deceased in his attempt to rewrite the world. Slain by his own brother, Dexter Drake Jr
  • Cole


    An Original that invaded the city with his vampires to attempt to conquer it.
  • Dexter Drake Jr

    Dexter Drake Jr

    The deceased father of Dexter Drake III, and a mage of great repute, both good and ill.
  • Dexter Drake Sr

    Dexter Drake Sr

    Dexter Drake III's deceased grandfather and hero of the Old Gods Incursion.
  • Elijah


    "Brother" of the Original vampire Cole, he enlisted the aid of local heroes to stop Cole.
  • Ethan Knight

    Ethan Knight

    Former angel Erathel in service to the dark god Israphel, gone renegade to save the soul of Rose and Kim Larson. After meeting the gang, he fell and became Ethan Knight.
  • Flappy Town

    Flappy Town

    Welcome to FlappytownPizza!
  • Gilgamesh


    An new god responsible for the deaths of at least 2 elder gods, now lost in the ether as a Vestige.
  • Heather Drake

    Heather Drake

    14 yr old Ghost
  • Igneel


    An ancient dragon god, lord of flames and passion.
  • Innovah


    Ancient goddess of Love and Fertility. Israphel and Igneel's sister.
  • Israphel


    Dark god of the Ether, seeking a foothold into our world. A foothold that can only be attained with the death of Aspen.
  • James St. John

    James St. John

    Aspen's new British friend that she brought home with her, and accidently brought into this whole mess.
  • Kenneth


    Former herald of Israphel, now a herald of Innova.
  • Kimberly Larson

    Kimberly Larson

    A young Oracle that goes to school with the gang, was possessed by the dark god Israphel.
  • Lucy


    A vampire turned by the Original vampire Cole
  • Margaret Drake

    Margaret Drake

    Mother to Daxter Drake III, she has retained much grace after her husband's fall. She takes pills to deal with the wreck her mind became after her husband's death.
  • Martin Towne

    Martin Towne

    A young man affected by a contract with Igneel, leaving him completely without passion.
  • Mr. Jergensen

    Mr. Jergensen

    Scholar, math teacher, and numermancer.
  • Neil & John

    Neil & John

    Two werewolves that are enforcers of the Larson clan.
  • Nyx


    Aspen's Kitten Familiar
  • Rose Larson

    Rose Larson

    Mother of Kim Larson and an oracle herself, she is unkowningly possessed by the angel Erathel.
  • Teddy Crosswind

    Teddy Crosswind

    A youthful werewolf who happens to be a Warden of the council, specifically Drake's Warden.
  • Thanatos


    Titanaya's pit bull
  • Ty-Real Jones

    Ty-Real Jones

    Keesha's uncle and all-around wandering badass.