Andria Zanders

A vampire raised in The City, Andria is a college student working on her doctorate in Anatomical Pathology.


Andria is a pale skinned slender woman with dark eyes and dark hair. She stands at 5’5" when she isn’t in heels. Her black hair is normally kept in a loose braid that hangs down to the middle of her back.

When in combat, Andria wields a large bastard sword. She is skilled with the blade and is capable of using it in one or both hands. The movement of combat is a natural dance for her and the steps are well known.


Andria is the only daughter Bryan Zanders. Together, they live in a 4 bedroom house with most of the empty rooms closed off. Their furniture is well used. Andria believes she can cook well enough for her father, seeing as she doesn’t require normal sustenance. In the fridge, they always have Lemonade prepared, this consists of half a lemon in a pitcher of water. It is evident that she should not be allowed in the kitchen.

Andria Zanders

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